Delivery Circle meeting notes May 18th

1. Current view of the roadmap

Finished since the last meeting

  • Dev test ready has been cleared out

In play - Core Pipe

  • #7614 S1 - Stripe issues in code review. @Matt-Yorkley worked on Stripe issues all weekend. It’s a big mess. @filipefurtado Jana and @lin_d_hop working on states too.

  • Our Postgres Still in dev, a high priority.

  • OFN Styleguide 1: Discussion was continued but dev has not moved forward as per the last meeting decision.

  • [Refactoring Adjustments] @Matt-Yorkley has been on other tasks so this is ‘paused’

  • [Platform T&Cs for Shoppers] @maikal needed to put back to dev and will do work this week to get back to review.

  • Unit prices: The last issue is back in code review from dev. Doesn’t block the release of unit prices. France is the only instance with Unit prices until this is solved. @Jana will decide on this later.

  • Split Checkout page - Discourse Post here , Inception Pipe Issue here kick-off meeting. Set for 19th May at UK time 11.00.

  • Spree #7619 - copyright notice please if someone knows where this is in spree comment on the issue.

  • Depreciated Stripe bucket (?) - user guide needs updating? Discussion around payment method.

In-play - Funded pipe

The meeting was held on the 17th of May 2021 - We’re going to stick with the token system within the internal OFN API and do the OAuth on DFC engine to talk to DFC. From API perspective as soon as there are funds we’ll get 1-2 en points ready and the decision of what to do first is next. Customer endpoint is easier, enterprises more complicated. Next steps - set up next first steps discussion. AU funding 1st round. UK funding 2nd round. France 3rd round (possibly)
@Kirsten is organising a meeting about details and thoughts around AU needs for API.

In play - Contributor

  • Rails 6.0 is there to be tested

2. Next Up

Ready To Go

Note: Unit Price in Bulk Editing (=Product List Page) is on hold because of the Product List Page UI Uplift (@jibees )


  • Improved reporting - Updated: a meeting with (@Erioldoesdesign + @Rachel ) took place: A further meeting is to be organized with the devs and check if the tech side is feasible; Some design specific tasks are also up next (requires user feedback)

Ready for Inception

(no changes on this section this week)



  • API
    Priorities on customers and orders
    Leverage what is already in the pipe
    Tax reports on the API
    Do simplest one first - CRUD… or maybe CRU (no delete) on customer including tagging
    Enterprises is not a useful end point because we don’t know how relevant that enterprise is to open OC’s. OC relevant via API is harder.
    Roadmap to start to improve.

  • Order states work
    Mapping ways to do orders to understand where and why how many bugs crop up.
    Miro board located here: (please request access) Not final, waiting for more adjustments. This is a simplified version.
    Great for a shared understanding.
    We need Miro to be shared resource.

  • Turkish Payment method Member of the Turkish team had been working on an integration with another payment method. In Turkey Paypal and Stripe are not available. They needed to integrate the best option for them. They haven’t been able to keep up with our current releases. The developer is not available anymore and can’t come back to the project. How can they maintain the payment method. They want to deploy what they currently have. Next steps @luisramos0 has been helping.
    What is our position?
    @maikel hasn’t looked at the code but payment methods are relatively small code, Luis suggested a gem, no other countries will use this.
    What’s our longer-term strategy around payment methods? Make it easier to add as gems → Putting in a gem is a bit cleaner. OFN specific Gem so cannot be shared with other projects. Active merchant and adapters for this.
    We would need to make the Active Merchant bridge a priority. Needs Scoping. Would open up everything and not needing as much maintenance. Even if the Turkish payment method was not in Active Merchant already it could be pushed to Active Merchant to have the ruby community support it. And finally, what would you be spending your time for your ____ hub on if you didn’t have these painful processes to complete? @maikel to look at after T&C’s
    Needs an issue and timebox

Tues 25th May at 7PM UTC

Facilitation: @apb :stuck_out_tongue:
Notes: @apb :stuck_out_tongue:

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Asynchronous Update:

  • I knocked out a couple of quick PRs last week for the first part of that Redis change that’s needed for Product Uplift, they’re now in code review here and here.

  • The two PRs to improve test coverage around areas that could be affected by the big adjustments changes got merged :tada:, so my focus is still primarily on finishing adjustments ASAP :ok_hand:

  • I moved the automated-postgres-upgrades PR to code review as well, it’ll need a bit of dev-testing on staging servers, but it should be pretty simple.

  • We’ve been slowly reducing and cutting out the really expensive and totally crazy updates that are triggered in various callbacks (aka callbacks hell) as part of the adjustments changes, and there’s more of that on the way. As a result, performance will be improving in various areas, and deadlocks should be getting less frequent.


It’s really nice to come back here ocassionally and see what the team is up to :slight_smile: