Delivery Circle Meeting Notes June 8th

1. Current view of the roadmap

Finished since the last meeting

  • Rails 6 :boom::boom:

In play - Core Pipe

  • Postgress upgrade still in dev test ready (this is not on Matt´s plate anymore)

  • Refactoring Adjustments: @Matt-Yorkley No update since last week (last big piece is nearly done)

  • Platform T&Cs for Shoppers: @apb to rebase it, still waiting on testing :pray:

  • Split Checkout page - Discourse Post here , Inception Pipe Issue here. Remaining open question around entering payment details have been clarified. Ready to be picked up. @jibees will start on FE work this week, @apb will have a look into the BE part next week (after S2s)

  • Deprecated Stripe connect - no update, @Kirsten still to raise with AU team in meeting.

  • OFN Styleguide 1: Still paused

In-play - Funded pipe


Next step: DFC Authentication.

In play - Contributor

  • Question about password expiration time found by Mattieu. Still in play
  • Guido´s PR waiting for @luisramos0 review

2. Next Up

Ready To Go


  • Improved reporting - Awaiting notes and next steps. Questions about how to address this work in terms of design. To be discussed more in product circle but no hurry due to many outstanding priorities.

Ready for Inception

(no changes on this section this week)



  • Reprioritisation: there are too many S2s sitting in the pipe for a while that need to be addressed before working on new issues, like DFC or checkout split
  • It was decided to give @filipefurtado access to production server

Server standardisation

  • Jose’s work is parked

Rounding issues

Decision on this issue

  • will be parked and moved to the inception pipe, because impact not clear at the moment and could possibly solved by adjustments work

Nasty thing with Stripe

  • After we almost sent an S1 to production (vasic checkout failed on BO, Subs & Shopfront that was fixed by @Matt-Yorkley), we need a spike on how to secure builds. @Filipe to open an issue, @jibees will have a look into

Tues June 15th at 6PM UTC

Facilitation: Rachel
Notes: Lynne

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