Delivery Circle Meeting Notes June 22nd

1. Current view of the roadmap

Finished since the last meeting

  • The big PR on adjustments is merged. We are discussing a roll-out of this one see #discussion session.

In play - Core Pipe

  • Postgres upgrade - some issues came up – still in dev
  • Refactoring Adjustments: @Matt-Yorkley - the final (huge) PR is merged, now some remaining bits to finish.
  • Split Checkout page - Discourse Post here 1, Inception Pipe Issue here. Remaining open question 1 around entering payment details have been clarified. Ready to be picked up. @jibees will start on FE work this week, @apb will have a look into the BE part next week (after S2s) – no changes since last week except the feature got estimated! (see issues comment)
  • Deprecated Stripe connect - Aus team implementing this week. Will notify when done @Kirsten still to raise with AU team in meeting – no changes since last week
  • OFN Styleguide 1: A dev meeting happened. @jibees is in charged to work on the MDBootstrap component to allow better comparison with Tailwind

In-play - Funded pipe


Next step: DFC Authentication – proper kick-off is scheduled for this week

In play - Contributor

  • Question about password expiration time found by Mattieu. Still in play
  • Guido´s PR 1 waiting for review - Still in play

2. Next Up - No changes her since last notes!

Ready To Go


  • Improved reporting - Awaiting notes and next steps. Questions about how to address this work in terms of design. To be discussed more in product circle but no hurry due to many outstanding priorities.

Ready for Inception

(no changes on this section this week)



Roll-out of the next release:

Note: if you are handling deployments yourself, please wait a bit before deploying to latest release!

  • Thursday 24th 2AM CET small EU instances : ES, DE, BE, IE.

  • Tuesday 29th 2AM CET UK & FR instances. Both instance will ask users they know to give feedback in order to avoid getting bugs unnoticed.

  • Tuesday July 6th if everything goes well, all managed instances will catch up normal release process at this stage. Everything that has been released since the start of the roll-out will also be deployed on this day.

This tax changes affect mostly North-America instances. But the data migration that happens on the day of the release affect mostly instances outside North-America. That’s why this release will be deployed using maintenance mode.

@dthomas @lauriewayne1 any chance you have users you could ask to have a closer look after July 6th to their orders/taxes/adjustements? See if they catch something out of the ordinary?

Shout out to the team

As we had time left on the meeting we’ve used it to shout out our gratitude and congratulations for this big chunk of work that is being released. Especially huge applause for @Matt-Yorkley for having been down the adjustment hole for sooo long!

And kudos to @filipefurtado our QA rock star.

Our automated testing suite was also congratulated - our deepest love to all these robots and to @RohanM whom as @lin_d_hop has mentioned is the one who originally started this quality process in our code. Rohan if you are seeing this: THANK YOU!

Tues June 29th at 7AM UTC

Facilitation: ??
Notes: Kirsten

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@Rachel yes I will find some power users (or at least power problem-finders) to be ready to try things out on July 6. Thanks for the heads up and lead time!

@Rachel , yes, for sure, we’ll do the same