Delivery Circle Meeting Notes June 15th

1. Current view of the roadmap

Finished since the last meeting

  • Unit prices: Feature toggle removed and will be released to all instances – deployed this week :boom:

  • Platform T&Cs for Shoppers: finished! Deployed this week :boom:

In play - Core Pipe

  • Postgres upgrade - some issues came up – still in dev
  • Refactoring Adjustments: @Matt-Yorkley - the final (huge) PR was tested and looks good; waiting for further testing from instance managers before merging
  • Split Checkout page - Discourse Post here 1, Inception Pipe Issue here. Remaining open question 1 around entering payment details have been clarified. Ready to be picked up. @jibees will start on FE work this week, @apb will have a look into the BE part next week (after S2s) – no changes since last week
  • Deprecated Stripe connect - no update, @Kirsten still to raise with AU team in meeting – no changes since last week
  • OFN Styleguide 1: Still paused – blocked by decision around the CSS framework, a dev’s decision, consensus required - @sauloperez to organize meeting to take this decision

In-play - Funded pipe


Next step: DFC Authentication – it was noticed that we don’t have an issue on DevReady, @rachel to update this

In play - Contributor

  • Question about password expiration time found by Mattieu. Still in play @rachel will ping Mattiew
  • Guido´s PR 1 waiting for review - @jibees will have a look

2. Next Up

Ready To Go


  • Improved reporting - Awaiting notes and next steps. Questions about how to address this work in terms of design. To be discussed more in product circle but no hurry due to many outstanding priorities.

Ready for Inception

(no changes on this section this week)



  • work re-prioritization, some proposals:

    • Tax reports/adjustments – probably not a good idea to involve other devs other than @Matt-Yorkley.
    • working on API endpoints – work package well described, so Nihal could pick it up maybe?
  • Flaky specs: process proposal - minimum of two tech debt issues in Dev-ready; flaky specs are tech debts and should be prioritized over all other tech-debts, meaning all new flaky specs deserve an issue of its own and should be moved on top of the “Tech-debt prioritized”

  • Funded-features:

    • creating a menu improve visibility for feature for instances
    • we need to improve the skill of making realistic time estimates for given tasks
      • should it be estimated on epic/issue level? Issue level more realistic
      • time tracking should be specific enough to reflect each task
      • should be a collective effort, including different tasks (dev, product, testing)
      • when should it be done, considering the current process?
      • “T-shirt size” is a good first estimate (inception stage) which then needs to be then checked for
      • action => checkout-split: first issue to estimate and track time spend (@jibees and @apb) – let’s schedule a meeting for that

Tues June 22th at 6PM UTC

Facilitation: ??
Notes: Kirsten