Delivery circle meeting notes April 27th

1. Current view of roadmap

Finished since last meeting

Rollout strategy: France instance first, and other instances on the following week, if all goes well. This needs PRs: two issues will be created, for OFN install and to enable it to the instance (@Rachel @sauloperez )

In play - Core Pipe

Contributor in play

In play - Funded pipe

Meeting happened today (Tuesday, 27.04). It was decided that time spent on API work will be tracked on Clockify.

Decisions to be taken on strategy: prioritization on end-points and/or authentication work (see further notes below from the see discussion part of this meeting).

2. Next Up

Ready To Go


(Removed @Erioldoesdesign and replaced Maikel by @jibees above)

Note: Unit Price in Bulk Editing (=Product List Page) is on hold because of the Product List Page UI Uplift (@jibees )

  • Split Checkout page - Discourse Post here , Inception Pipe Issue here

Finished the Inception and Design; almost in ready to “Ready to go” (@Erioldoesdesign ); maybe a kick-off meeting is needed?… Which dev has room for this work? => postponed to next Delivery Circle meeting.

  • Improved reporting - Updated: a meeting with (@Erioldoesdesign + @Rachel ) took place: A further meeting is to be organized with the devs and check if the tech side is feasible; Some design specific tasks are also up next (requires user feedback)

Ready for Inception

(no changes on this section this week)


  • Networking pt 2 The continuation of this work will wait until @Mario returns.
  • Eriol reaching out to Mario (via Email) and Kirsten; awaiting feedback.

In play - Core Pipe (encore)

Swimming trough our ocean of S2s :ocean:

  • #7458@jibees first s2! :muscle: - JB requests thorough code review

  • #7495 – being investigated and good progress on figuring out what’s going on (@apb)

  • #6417 – Possibly stock is being re-set (from users or admins)? Hypothesis needs to be checked. #notabugafeature (@apb @lin_d_hop )

  • #6038 – on this weeks release an improvement is shipped, which will track this bug, should it occur in production (@sauloperez )

  • #7449 – rails 5.2 and 5.1 upgrade may solve this (Matt); a quick fix, could be to create another e-mail job (@sauloperez ). We closed this issue, and will re-open should it occurr again.

  • #ofn-data/issues/50: would probably require a postgres upgrade (Matt); would it be possible to synchronize data data using chronjob (would need to be done at different times)


@apb suggests: Every user has a personal token (not obvious for users); long-term, make it easier to access your token (as a user).

@Rachel raises: do we want user to have it easily accessible? Probably not, as long as we don’t officially support any endpoints (@lin_d_hop ). @Matt-Yorkley agrees with general conclusions on API-spike, and the doorkeeping approach (see #7364); maybe a good idea to let users manage (revoke and generate) their own tokens, although perhaps not a requirement, at the moment.

For DFC compliance Oauth is a requirement (@lin_d_hop + @Rachel ); Question on decision process: setting a meeting to discuss this, possibly with DFC people as well? OIDC depends on Oauth.

Question remains: should next steps rather address quick wins or vs. DFC compliance. Product strategy discussion (which also relies on dev-feedback). This is still not not clear;
An upcoming meeting Thursday 6:30 UTC (Budget) and another one will be set up to discuss strategy (@sauloperez + @Rachel )

Tues 4th May at 8AM GMT
Jana to facilitate and Eriol to take notes.

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