Delivery Circle meeting notes 17 August 2021

1. Current view of the roadmap

Finished since the last meeting

In play - Core Pipe

In-play - Funded pipe


Next step: DFC/OIDC Authentication – DFC Open ID connect: back to code review - kudos to @paco :muscle:

In play - Contributor

2. Next Up

Ready To Go


  • History of invoice changes (@Rachel + @Matt-Yorkley ) - Unblocked. Needs an in-depth meeting, when everyone is available.
    • There are plenty of potential solutions and the best technical approach needs to be found and will be explored after Adjustments is complete.

Ready for Inception

  • Invoice number system (@Rachel + ?) - waiting for re-inception, but linked to history of invoice changes.
  • Improved reporting - We need to think about a general technical approach for this. Tax reporting might be a good a time for this however the overall improved reporting project will be worked on after History of Invoice changes.



Some more recent S2s (#8059 and #7785) and Cillians post triggers discussion on StripeSCA: Goal is to get to the bottom of Stripe issues often costing customer-support time and delivery-team time. Stripe might not be implemented the way it is meant to - Slack post on #bugs; related issues: #7809 / #7767

  • @lin_d_hop will open a placeholder issue linking these references


  • Metabase use-cases: it should be accessible to MCFE managers. We keep patching and need a solution… Some tables are not are not synchronized which limits usability.
    => Organize a Metabase retro: to be organized #analytics
    => Andy suggests: Concept of reports applied to Metabase queries… and the otherway around:
    => The approach (and connection to Improved Reporting) is coming up with a solution to cover β€œ95%” of simple use-cases covered by the app; the missing β€œ5%” use the API and integration to build bespoke reporting (a common requirement). Metabase can potentially be part of this approach.

Reviewing the bug-severity system
Never been done since it exists.
Accounting for time and impact on support teams.
Proposal from @apb will go on #delivery-circle: consider Pain level. => needs to be discussed next meeting.

System specs versus Feature specs
How to deal with specs which need to be added while migration is not complete. Something to chat with @Matt-Yorkley

Tuesday August 24th, 7am UTC
Moderation: ?
Note-taking: ?