Delivery Circle meeting notes 13 July 2021

1. Current view of the roadmap

Finished since the last meeting

In play - Core Pipe

  • Postgres upgrade - investigations ongoing
  • Refactoring Adjustments: @Matt-Yorkley - Prepping the next pieces of work with feedback from Canada. Estimated time ‘maybe a couple of weeks real time’.
  • Split Checkout page - Discourse Post here. Andy and JB are making good progress. @jibees is on leave this week and @apb is going to catch up and get them back in sync
  • Python upgrade made it’s way on things to pick up really soon
  • Deprecated Stripe connect - Aus team may have missed a few actives, still to do inactives
  • OFN Styleguide: devs have made a decision on framework (Tailwind), with reviewing that in a few months. @jibees has started the style-guide and will be picking this up again to do next chunk for product uplift

In-play - Funded pipe


Next step: DFC Authentication – kick off has happened and work has begun

In play - Contributor

2. Next Up

Ready To Go


Ready for Inception

There are plenty of potential solutions and the best technical approach needs to be found and will be explored after Adjustments is complete.

  • Invoice number system (@Rachel + ?) - waiting for re-inception, but linked to history of invoice changes.
  • Improved reporting - We need to think about a general technical approach for this. Tax reporting might be a good a time for this however the overall improved reporting project will be worked on after History of Invoice changes.



  • #7170 - needs product input @lin_d_hop to do
  • Have moved History of Invoice changes in to Inception/Design. some concerns raised in long lead time and whether there is a risk of falling ‘off a cliff’ for things to dev to do. Options discussed include: keep the pipe of papercuts / S3s coming; pick up some of the medium / stone sized issues that are quite well specced and don’t need inception / design. Lynne raised concern with the latter of using up good ‘funded features’, also discussed using these to get better at doing and running to estimates etc
  • BitWarden - David to share Maikel, Kirsten now an owner as back-up. Pass task to new Gov/Mgmt circle re. bitwarden structure
  • Are we happy with this process?
    • Merging of product and delivery meetings is great
    • Meeting is easier if we go Board and then notes - that flow seems to work. Is it just because people aren’t sure what to do? (Yes for me today - Maikel)
    • Really like the discussion section
  • @maikel says that facilitating it makes it much more fun, @Kirsten echos that writing the notes makes you more engaged . .
  • Notes are SUPER-USEFUL for having these meetings in alternating time-zones, I (Kirsten) can just scan them and update anything I would have added (rare). Not to self, when I do that in future I will post into #delivery-train

Tuesday 20th July, 6pm UTC

Facilitation: @apb
Notes: ??