Delivery circle meeting - March 21st 🌱

The delivery pipe


  • vouchers #10523, minimal checkout, #10587
  • code review
  • getting head around taxes

Around orders with negative total:

  • add a warning when the the order amount is negative
  • create an adjustment, to set the order set to zero
  • multiple vouchers per order should be possible

Lots of progress :clap:


  • Meeting with David took place, enterprise fee report (David picked it up #10304)

  • working on #4544 (OCs older than 6 months), payload will be to large which gets blocked and returns a 414 unauthorized; loads 10 + load 90 days, lists OCs which are already rendered.

    • A “shift” in the date range (by clicking plus 90 days) would keep the UX. This would be preferred :+1:
  • Other issues related like #5831 #10421 appear to be, but are in fact not related to #4544 - awesome investigation :muscle:

  • #10585 Customer endpoint - questions around serialization. draft PR #10532


  • 5 Prs in test ready :muscle:

  • Background reports: “mixing” the toggle, i.e. having the activated for some enterprises may raise memory issues; this needs to be considered on rollout; for now no UX changes.

  • #10488 - DFC progress, but now blocked - some changes are required on the DFC side, so there is some room to work on something else.

  • A first step of product refactoring is in code review - #10566

Working on white label; waiting for color decisions on BUU:

  • White labels: 3 PRs (one based on master, the second based on the first, third based on the second…) currently in dev/code review.
  • Still one PR based from Avi In Dev, thanks for reviewing it, discussion is on its way


  • working on pdf test automation - #10544
  • worked on #10512 with Mohamed, should be test ready
  • spec review / flaky specs


Overall priorities: BUU and Vouchers (PR in test ready) through the pipe (instead of opening up Product refactoring). Components should be reused, between these pages.

Quick brainstorm on Colors on BUU.
Colors should be ready to implement, Jess and MArio will work together on details, resizing of elements → this will need to be passed to @jibees.

@Rachel @Kirsten; Clarification on colors vs. components? Would be great to get designers on the meeting, to close communication gaps.