Delivery circle meeting - March 14th


Where do we store alerts when an instance is going down?

Currently, all alerts (apart from AU) are going to #devops-notifications but we also have the #devops-alert channel. this channel was created initially to store alerts from datadog.

it would be nice to clean this, e.g. have a channel dedicated to server falling down, or memory problems and others for stuff we can avoid getting live notifications (bugsnag,…)

But for now we agreed we would especially add AU notifictions to devops-notifications, that seem the more urgent thing to do @dcook is going to have a look.

What shall we do about the customer balance PR ?

From our live discussions it looks like we can merge as is and open a dedicated issue for Q1 (which is not particularly due to this PR). @lin_d_hop to confirm

Stock report

This discussion went on on slack here: Slack


@dcook has put the work on webhook in code review. same for the work on node. @jibees will test PR #866 for ofn-install. Next David is foing to move on tax report, first step is a meeting with @abdellani to understand what’s left to do.

@Gaetan has fixed the s3 on shipping address and is now fully focused on vouchers.

@jibees has pushed through to test ready a big chunck of PR that were started by Avi. We have agreed that for the 3 PR that are left, if picking them up means re-writing most of the PR, we don’t want to do that now, better to close the PR and re-prioritise bye-bye angular properly. Apart from tat JB is looking at this s3 and will start pickin-up the work on white label.

@maikel 's update is here Slack

@abdellani is continuing his work on invoices and looking also at 2 s3 : #4544 and #10348

Other topics

Can we remove the feature toggle for background reports?

Background reports are not working on production, see test cases here : Slack Hopefully Maikel’s latest PR will fix this :crossed_fingers:

So for now, this feature toggle can’t be removed.