Delivery circle meeting June 21st


As other PR were merged in the meantime, we decided to not squeaze Remove accidental modification of the db schema by mkllnk · Pull Request #9322 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub in the release.

@jibees is releasing and deploying the release today.


@jibees has finished or handed over all his issues. He will move to Split checkout or s3 / papercuts while waiting for Maikel’s availability to chat about Back Office UI uplift.

@maikel has too much on his plate. We agreed that he would pause DFC product (the kickoff is supposed to happen only when Lynne is back).
Priority 1 for Maikel : getting NZ on board and hopefully finish before Lynne returns.
Priority 2 is Metabase : AU performance problems could be linked to Metabase but we are not sure. A way to check this would be to tune off metabase for AU and check what happens. It would be tough for the AU team, but it’s a bit the same for UK and FR currently. We cannot put too much pressure on this one for now. NZ is in a more critical situation with spring starting soon and with it a boost of sale.

@filipefurtado has done some work on split checkout automated tests and is now hopefully moving to automated tests on reports, trying to close some of the tech-debt issues we have open for quite some time :muscle:

@konrad is getting his way through the testing pipe, but still has issues with his key. Next step is to login on the server and check if the key was correctly provisioned. @jibees is that task on your side?

I need to update these notes with a couple of info but I’ve asked for some confirmations on slack.


No other topics were discussed today.

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