Delivery Circle Meeting - January 23rd 2024

We’ll start publishing again information about roadmap,
A reminder that we still haven’t decided on dev and testing themes, inputs from dev and testing side would be good.
Re testing, there’s going to be a catch up on the 31st and we can discuss about roadmap inputs there.


  • fixed S2 12021
  • looked at invisible captcha, should be good to go tomorrow morning
  • a couple of dependencies I need to look at
  • if available, will pick up S3 bugs


  • adding BUU specs is progressing
  • working on Stripe
  • a bit on hold, but also looking at a gem to checking missing translations 11958 > conclusion is that we won’t merge this gem, has a lot of false positives. locally we’ll use it and then review the list manually and raise individual issues when relevant


  • no updates, checking instance managers’ feedback on BUU


  • new variant button and unit are high priority as next steps
  • Ahmed has finished tasks that were assigned to him
  • there might be potentially some more budget to continue with individual tasks

Discover Regenerative AU portal

  • on track, maybe a couple of weeks delay in components being ready
  • a lot happening in N8N, which influence reusability
  • chats with Canadian OFN team on how they can reuse part of it
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