Delivery Circle Meeting - January 16th 2024

Update on BUU

Presented a design overview on all types warnings / banners on the app :muscle:

Some solutions were discussed around this topic, like this one. It’s an iterative process: we can add other thought issues at any time, and on this issue.

Round of updates

Available to pick up more stuff at the moment:
Maybe working on implementing Captcha? Or rather working dependencies (there are some in dev ready - are there any which are urgent)?

Working BUU issues and Stripe gem update.

Quick process chat around S2 on double payments - [Stripe] Customer charged twice · Issue #12046 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub
We should not raise the expectation that we’re able to address issues which happened over two months ago… This is very challenging due to the limited life-time of our logs.

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