Delivery Circle meeting - December 6th

Welcome @Petros_OFN_GR :tada: :tada: :tada:

Discussion around UK outage

How to prioritize this, a proposal:

  1. Ensure UK not falling - adding disk space for now (short term solution) - needs issue
  2. Deeper investigation on performance problems
  3. Investigate why UK disk is filling - is it really filling quicker than other in other servers? Needs an issue; also related to #10016.

How does @heroinedor feel about this issue?

The pipe


Posted updates on slack here. Investigated UK outages :pray:

Proposal for @dcook to focus on #9170, when available.


Blocked again on #9804 - though one, needs more input.
Several PRs from #10075 (order edit page colors) are in code review :muscle:


3 issue waiting confirmation/feedback needed on:

i) addressed #8952 :muscle: split checkout / stripe SCA payment capture, instructions missing. @filipefurtado will make a quick test
ii) #6029 - deleting shipping methods. Perhaps having a default shipping method? Raises issues though. Different ways were proposed:

  • ideal solution would be soft delete. May be a huge overhead, will be considered as an option

Other options:

  • hiding from shopfront, setting as backoffice only
  • preventing deletion if the shipping method is associated to un-shipped orders

iii) #10016: how does the occupied memory curve look like? It usually comes from a big spike, from running a heavy report. We need to grant access to @abdellani to Bitwarden/Datadog.


  • working on #9807
  • feedback discussion on Trix PR wishlist/issue/63; looks good to move forward.


Mostly off last week, will get back to:

:bangbang: Some bumps are needing special attention :bangbang:

  • #9786 puma
  • #9850 rspec-rails - @filipefurtado will assign himself
  • #10062 bump haml - we’re kind of stuck, it will require huge amount of work and it might become an issue for future rails upgrades. We’ve decided not to address this unless we have to. Moved into the prioritized-tech-debt column.
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