Delivery Circle Meeting - August 30th


@maikel spotted a bug on invoices: the tax total is incorrect if two items have the same tax #9605 :muscle:

The Board

  • :beetle: after upgrading active merchant: checking out with card saving #9593; PR was reverted issue is fixed. We’re waiting for the next active merchant version to upgrade.

  • there are some PRs open from Avi, doing some estimates

  • @lin_d_hop to check in with Cillian and Avi

  • split-checkout: ongoing discussion with @kirsten on getting a new designer to work on split checkout; beta testers will be increased after #9153 is closed.

  • FR Downtimes #9596 to be addressed after the current priority tasks are closed, this means upgrading the FR. Downtimes are mostly - but not only - observed as superadmin checking enterprises:

    • Datadog confirms the first spike occured at 9:49 with some request already starting at 9:39 - this was not related to superadmin usage (:sleeping:)

    • FR server is on KUMA to check for downtimes; we’re currently not monitoring downtimes on UK; AU uses Wormly :bug: ; on Datadog we can follow these three servers (UK AU FR).

    • we should consider unifying these types of notifications across servers, perhaps using KUMA + Cloudron. @rachel to open an issue for this.

Cloudron link was updated on the notes above.