Delivery Circle Meeting - 8 Feb 2022

Last weeks notes


  • @maikel focusing on code review and API work, first small PR
  • @apricot12 will be looking for new issues, not blocked. ah ha
  • @filipefurtado final decision / employment of new tester is imminent
  • #8576 is blocking #8671, there is existing PR #8469 @filipefurtado is having a look at it, may need some more Rails support. @maikel is ‘scheduled’ to pick this up after customer API
  • @jibees - lots of PRs in code review, a couple are blocking - #8171 (blocking #8540) and #8477
  • have started S3 #7934
  • I see that there are a lot of S2s - perhaps I should pick up some of these
  • @Matt-Yorkley has been sick, not blocked, going to take a look at last split checkout PR today

Discussion Topics

  • 5 Open S2 bugs - these were ‘on hold’ until split checkout, they are all related to Stripe. They are very hard to reproduce. They seem to be related to stripe payments and SCA when there are errors. This is why we’ve been waiting on split checkouts
  • @filipefurtado could maybe use a chrome feature to stimulate a very slow connection
  • Some of these issues were reported in December. @Matt-Yorkley has fixed a bunch of things that may have solved some of these problems since then.
  • Let’s close everything that occurred before the Stripe refactoring, but we need to investigate the ones that have happened more recently
  • We need to be getting pretty aggressive with this - it’s our biggest users experiencing this, the ones that can most easily go elsewhere
  • @filipefurtado to create an Epic that these can be attached to. We close them as we make changes and create a new issue for each occurrence, with as much specific info as we can
  • Closing all except #8843
  • Have advice on communication re. explaining how this is govt fault i.e. SCA legislation
  • Test Double - @Kirsten to have a crack at putting something in. Will post draft in slack for comment, better wording around the ‘project idea’ dot points and additional ideas if anyone thinks of them