Delivery circle meeting - 7th February

The Board

Test ready column is “bottlenecking” delivery. We should re-evaluate hiring a tester by the end of next week

DFC work last week, not blocked #10289

  • JSON generated by the connector library is different, so it requires additional effort to make prototype 2 work.
  • basically doing code review, a lots of it (!)

#10143 removing angular or do design changes in CSS - Rachel will comment on the issue


  • Doing some bug fixes last week
  • Started #10350 / #10385
  • draft PR to add the missing columns
  • started working on img URLs page crashes


  • Working on order cycle open Webhook #9616
  • submitted a PR to align the node version #10366
  • review code


  • Working on several reports PRs - all in code review (#10135, #10323)
  • Started working on history of invoice changes feature


  • Addressing system tests for S2 bug
  • analytics work: tracking split-checkout usage (comparison with legacy checkout)


  • Another split-checkout test-round in production is almost beginning.