Delivery Circle meeting 7 June




  • May deploy a special release for Active Storage once tested.
  • Had a DFC products kickoff meeting with Lynne to clarify scope but hasn’t started actual work yet.
  • Connected Metabase to live au-prod database. Will monitor performance over the next days and then decide if we can connect other instances in this way, too.
  • Started planning the New Zealand upgrade. Other instances have upgraded or are upgrading, too. Want to ask Hungary and stay in touch with Brazil.
  • Still need to catch up with @jibees for product uplift.
  • Inherited one task from @jibees which is still in the queue: Adjust Backoffice Order Flow

Question: Do we use Wormly or Datadog?

We use both on different instances. Some also relied on Happy Apps but it shut down earlier in the year. A monitoring review would be useful but not sure about priority.

:warning: Nothing actioned. :warning:



  • Going through the test ready column.