Delivery Circle Meeting - 3 May


From @maikel

  • Worked on on Active storage/Paperclip. Some issues found during testing which are now addressed. Soon ready for another round of testing.
  • Will work on S2s as well

From @jibees

  • worked in #9132 together with Rachel
  • draft pull request for issue #9140
  • #9057 is merged, and should solve checkout issues around split checkout
  • is #9056 hard to reproduce. Still occurring?

From @Rachel :

From @filipefurtado

  • Continuing work on Analytics on both checkout flows. Helpful chat with @Rachel and @jibees. Split Checkout should be working after S2 fixes, which will enable to test the current goals/funnels setup.
  • Plenty of S2s to investigate lately

From @georgethoppil

  • Had reviewed active storage pr and will review the second half when its ready
  • Started looking into two s2 bugs and will try to have prs for them by end of the week

From @RonellaG

Will be attending delivery circle meetings alternating with @Kirsten. Welcome to our circle Ronella! :muscle:



A follow-up from the API customers endpoint meeting - first funded feature :partying_face:

It was nicely scoped, and kept at a minimum chunk size, to enable faster delivery :muscle:

Testing and Documentation

In addition to the API docs generated with rswag and as seen under in /api-docs/index.html we need to document the outcomes of the API work to enable its usage.

This needs to be done with as low overhead as possible - as it will always need some maintaining - but it should enable the community to make use of new endpoints, and understand the possibilities they open.

There are different levels of this:

  • a tech level: documenting endpoints, what do they do, how to implement them => dev tasks
  • a less “techy” level: how can you use them to create value => non-dev tasks

@lin_d_hop will post a message on API to look for tools for this. @filipefurtado is happy to contribute. @RonellaG will post on #api channel with their documentation on using end-points.

Recruitment steps

We’re looking to hire devs with sys-admin skills, rails seniors. These have been identified by the most demanded / skill shortages in the team right now.