Delivery Circle Meeting - 29 Mar 2022

What’s new?

for @apricot12

  • did pairing with Steven on unit testing. Have got things much faster
  • #8841 is blocked and need to pass to someone else
  • #8908/#9023 couldn’t do actual function within page because seems spacing would be hard, so now just has a link / redirect
  • Working on #9024 (Setup script broken)

for @jibees

  • Backoffice uplift - First step of the first step is in code review! Yippee :slight_smile: Displays the table with filters- - screenshots in PR #8996, pagination, columns selecting etc. Was quite pleasant coding with this stack, to implement the functionalities was very pleasant. I do still have some questions etc
  • #9039 S2 am working on
  • #9043 still looking at it
  • Split checkout issues in code review, have one review from @maikel - can they go through like this? Going to put them to test ready with one review
  • Picking up #8841 from @apricot12

for @konrad

  • Did release testing last night
  • Maybe there’s a problem with my order data - to look at with @Rachel

for @filipefurtado

  • write a test to catch a regression in split checkout - looking at different possible ways to do it

for @maikel

for @Matt-Yorkley


  • #9001 is an S3 because we can’t reproduce it but is a checkout fail
  • Test Suite work
  • We should consider looking at the worst performing test and refactoring them like this, using scopes. This would really help build times go down. We will explore for new tests going forward.