Delivery Circle Meeting - 28th Nov. 2023

Delivery pipe

Good to finally know to how to products are being created without price… This detail slipped through the hands of testers :see_no_evil:

@abdellani working on a fix (issue #11862 / PR #11863) :muscle:


  • BUU is moving forward:
    #11811 - [BUU] Stock level popout - is test ready
    WIP on #11068 but there is a dependency with #11517
    #11518 - in dev, but now awaiting feedback.
    #11608 looks fairly simple to address, waiting to be picked up.

  • As agreed last meeting, we’re aiming for early release for early January.

  • @konrad has been doing testing on BUU and has found some issues :pray: but no blocker (product deletion is being addressed elsewhere).


  • Working on harmonizing specs between legacy product screen and new product screen #11845; good to check how upcoming PRs on BUU are dealing with specs
  • Implementing Stripe VCR tests for valid cards

Collaboration with Maxime has been great lately; now able to contribute the connector repo, which speeds up things

  • working on #11707
  • Products matching category (@gaetan also working on it)

#11795 - banner for ToS acceptance in code review
#11817 - currently working on match taxons to dfc product types

@dcook (via Slack)

  1. What are you working on right now? Backoffice UI Uplift - will address one issue on current PR. Then I’m happy to pick up [BUU] Saving and success message tweaks.
  2. What else is on your list? Is any of this more important? A few ideas about improving things, but I ignore them :wink:
  3. Are you blocked by anything? Not directly
  4. Is there anything you like to discuss with the group? no because I won’t be there to discuss

“In the cracks” discussion topics :face_with_peeking_eye:

Background reports: rollout under discussion; remove the puma restarts → monitor → fully removing the toggle → we should keep the epic till the we’re happy with the rollout and feature.

Epics: some scopes overlap each other, which confuses folks → we may be able to remove #9105 API products endpoint epic which will probably will use DFC connector (would be great!)

No de facto standards on product categories: this is tricky to harmonize according ontologies