Delivery Circle Meeting - 27 September

In Play

French upgrade has moved forward!
Might benefit from a bit more testing - provision staging. Needs to be merged before next release or checkout branch locally. Otherwise may have negative consequences.

BackOffice Uplift
Chat between @jibees and @maikel was paused. PR will be updated. Really difficult for JB and Maikel to find a time to chat. This is lower in priority but will be JBs next big piece.

Tagging problem
9002 not completely fixing the problem. Maikel is close but not yet a PR - tomorrow hopefully.

VCR in code review!
Thanks for the feedback from JB and Maikel. Test case actually replaces stubs/webmock. All seems to be working and hopefully will unblock loads of tests that can be changed. Great work @filipefurtado. :tada:

Cancel order in bulk
9448 Cancel order in bulk in code review :tada:

Redirect to shop
9688 Redirect to shop in progress

Bye Bye Angular
9488 in progress. Amazing work @Avi :tada:

Next Priorities

#822 DB User for N8N.
This is blocking @div-yansh-1 and lots of potential funded feature hacks. @jibees can look at this with a bit of support from @maikel . Can follow the Zapier user example.

#8952 - Split Checkout BO
Hasn’t been looked at for a while. @jibees can also refresh but likely needs some input from @maikel

DFC Issues
Really needs to move forward before the end of Oct. FR funding at risk.

Other Updates

9625 UX of report column headings - JB will look at amidst priorities as this can remove a feature toggle

S3 Column
S3 column hasn’t moved for a while as we dont have the capacity for complex ones. Getting through lots of papercuts and this can overload Maikels time. Let’s try to keep to the shared priority task to minimise this.

We’ll be getting lots of contributors through again which will put a strain on code review time.