Delivery Circle Meeting - 26th July


Testing of translations

Translations can be tested in English only. We need to do this on a staging server with the default en locale. Once the PR has been tested and the translations have been done, we can test other languages in a release-test before it goes into production.

PRs in Ready to Go column

@jibees moved a lot of PRs to Ready to Go until the release is done but we discussed that it’s not necessary to delay merges. We are going to merge them all.


Quick process review

Maikel: Not as much team work this week but still good. We get some things done faster.

Developer updates

  • We haven’t heard anything from @georgethoppil. Where are you?
  • Avi (binarygit) is progressing.
  • Philipp’s (Philwi) contributions are very welcome.

Further discussions

Pre-select the last order cycle on all orders and fullfillment reports #9413

Not sure which order cycle to pre-select, current pre-selection will cause too much confusion, we move it to In Dev.

Do we know that this report is causing the downtimes on fr-prod? Matomo suggests that it’s either orders and fulfilment or packing report. Data seems to be loaded before anything is displayed. But we need to look into it to know what the problem is.

Orders and fulfilments report specs improvement (cont. #9350) #9406

@filipefurtado is raising that some structure of the report doesn’t make sense. But changes, even dropping unused columns, breaks integrations. We don’t want to break anything now but should do a big overhaul with proper inception and a big-picture view. We need a wishlist.