Delivery Circle Meeting - 26th April


From @jibees

From @filipefurtado

  • Analytics on both checkout flows. Needs a quick chat with @Rachel and @jibees
  • Great catch around: confirmation page URL is corrupted: it does not contains the order_token information. Slack

From @maikel

From @georgethoppil

From @apricot12


Releases and reports Reports improvement by seballot · Pull Request #9032 · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork · GitHub

  • @lin_d_hop runs diff around each reports, to see any regression
  • We need to warn instances managers: user’s scripts that use reports (formulas, …) should be updated
  • Two options:
    • Having a feature toggle on this one and merging, instead of rebasing constantly. @jibees said that this should be impossible, because lots of things were completely refactored.
    • Warn users on Thursday and then release on Tuesday without any breaking changes on columns. And then plan the columns changes over the release, to do it smoothly. Prevents and ask users: “do you use this report?”

Active storage and testing

  • First PR on all instances.
  • Then, on instances (Ireland for example) that aren’t cloud based, and see how it goes by checking manually.
  • In this migration errors will be obvious, and should be available in the console during the migration
  • If you see an error, rollback is possible. The task creates new data, that will be use for the next version. Don’t need to rollback then, just fix the bug.

In Play

  • Split checkout: In user testing. Awaiting feedback.
  • Active storage migration: PR in review. Thanks @maikel!!
  • Reports Refactor: Being tested. Wonderful PR but some changes requested.


  • Backoffice Uplift: Blocked awaiting feedback from Matt
  • DFC auth: Paused awaiting either Matt or reassignment.
  • Tax Report: Paused awaiting either Matt or reassignment.

Up Next

  • Product Endpoint
  • Linking OC/Payment methods:
  • Styleguide framework
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