Delivery Circle Meeting - 24th October


  • last 2 bugs from Vouchers, now in code review (fixed in the same PR) #11359 #11677
  • jumping back to discovery endpoint
  • a bit of code reviews


  • working on v3 of invoices, when you enable you only have one template
  • discovered that one of the tests (testing PDF) not working, will fix in another PR
  • did some code reviews
  • Rachel can initially cover testing of partial work coming through
  • might need to add a few more options (phone, tax…)


  • no updates from Design BUU
  • checked in with David, decided to simplify saving / errors on variants so that we don’t need to think about product refactoring and how it will impact BUU in the future


  • this week will jump back into test ready column
  • will have a look at things outside BUU and invoices


  • priority test background reports in production
  • BUU second priority
  • priotitising stuff for hacktoberfest