Delivery Circle Meeting - 24 May

Release v4.1.31

  • bug found in the drafted release introduced in #9151, customers without bill address affected in backoffice orders
  • quick fix provided by @jibees (#9209)
  • delaying is difficult due to the reports changes
  • @maikel: testing the PR, merging and then releasing should be ok (just JS)
  • @konrad: to test the PR
  • @jibees: Question: How is the form filled in that case? → to avoid another bug, we should revert
  • Plan: Create PR to revert - test the PR - draft release - test the release
    Testing: Check that it works as before


Testing team is offline end of this week - no need to rush preparation of the release



  • papercuts around backoffice order flow
  • working on reports change: switch from fields to hide to fields to show
  • some split checkout to be done this week


  • offline

@georgethoppil (provided upfront)

  • Updated the NaN subscription price estimate s2 issue after reviewing Maikels comment and is good to go
  • Had the pr for the s2 duplicate transaction fee tested by Konard but he still experienced crashes when payment was made. Looked into this issue and made updates to the pr to fix this
  • Konard also tested deleting customers pr where he experienced the blocking issue of the customer couldn’t be deleted. Updated this pr by making sure the proxy orders are also deleted when subscriptions are removed

Just a reminder that I will be off after today. Will be back June 13th


  • code review and Metabase last week
  • progress in direct access to database (Metabase), unclear what is broken and how to fix
  • migration script for images
  • some API stuff on the list


  • focused on #6029, trying to figure out the relations between the object
  • understood where the issue is coming from
  • will contact Maikel for support to solve


  • tested the release
  • question about process (Is testing on Mondays ok or too late?) → In general this is not critical. We should plan better when announcing releases to users and not include other changes in that release.


  • working on funded feature to connect shipping and payment methods to order cycles
  • currently writing some tests for shipping methods
  • implementation should be quicker for payment methods due to similarity

Other topics:

  • s2
  • NZ deployment (1,5 days should work - Maikel should go for it; no additional invoice if problems occur - let’s just get it done)
  • API