Delivery Circle Meeting - 22 Feb 2022

Weekly release

No release this week, due to the delay on the previous week.

Team round

@apricot12: working on deprecation warnings PR #7853, being divided in small deprecation PRs. Flaky spec probably being dropped, too time consuming, no progress and closed. Also working as WYSIWYG PR . All confirmed papercuts are good to pickup, regardless of being selected in a papercut round. Also #8579 would be a next PR to work on.
@lin_d_hop: to change two funded features (#8195 and #8787, please edit if needed) into issues to be picked up by Nihal or other devs.
@Matt-Yorkley: has started looking at the OIDC, it will be split into two separate PRs. Matt and Filipe will need an account in @Rachel and Filipe will team up to test this one. Matt will focus on this task for now and then get back to Tax Reports.
@jibees: working on the last bits of Split Checkout
@maikel: working on API Customer End points
@filipefurtado: working on the split checkout and last week particularly on subscriptions. No updates on test automation but room ahead this week.

New Zealand

#775 is awaiting crowdfunding.


  • Discussion on roadmap for Nihal.
  • Change of process: funded-feature tagged issues should be tagged as such in Clockify
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