Delivery circle meeting - 20th June 2023


#bugs FR currently unable to update products. Filipe to open issue, JB to help coordinate. Konrad notes there’s lots of FR bugsnag reports at the moment.

Datadog: consencus is clear, we will apply for free use with Sentry. MAtt to give it a go.

Issues with latest release deployment - will discuss at end.

To follow up: what are the exact laws around spear-fishing in Mario’s province?

Not blocked, but not able to pick up much this week
White label issue: has conflict that JB will fix. Priroritised to test next as it’s a releases feature now.

Considering the big ones to get into next release:

  • Master variant: looks good, ready to go. Just need to fix a lint issue. Will try testing on another staging env because it’s a big change.
  • Customers
  • Tax report
  • Vouchers: priroritise because blocking further development

Working on flaky specs, but can’t reproduce many.
Also working on Vouchers branches to keep it moving.

Working on Backoffice UI uplift styles
Plan to dive into papercuts
We have issues deploying branches to servers with GH Actions. (awaiting comments in #core-devs)

Awaiting feedback on BUU ticket, MArio to look at it.

Discussed the BUU dev branch. When we finish each group of issues, we will submit PR for testing and merge to master.

Have put together skeleton issues for the project. Have discussed optimising for mobile. Next plan:

  • Do a rough mockup
  • Prepare short survey
    1. What kind of data do you want to see on the go?
    2. What kind of data do you want to update on the go?

Also going to look at Product Linking.


  • Blocked on Order Cycle permissions. Regarding when enterprise is a co-ordinator.
  • Blocked on Invoices.
    Not blocked with other issues.

With OC permissions, maybe our permissions system needs to be updated to handle this case? Matt to take a look to help.

To have a look at Matomo delay
Filipe and Matt: perhaps we can just merge it and see what happens to gather more data.
Looked at GH Actions deployments, can take a look.

Backgroudn reports patch is ready to test
Had DFC meeting about potential use cases

Deployed release: various errors.
AU is deployed now (after 12 hour migration), but need to redo UK, FR, maybe others. Will look at this tomorrow.

Matt: tried to find a faster/more efficient way to make the change (eg S3’s console tool), but it seems S3 has limitations we can’t work around.

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