Delivery Circle Meeting - 1st of August

Discusion Topics

Zenhub changes

There will be changes on the layout, which has the drawback of epics being removed from the Kanban board: these won’t be issues anymore, which poses quite a change. Discussion here.

Plan for now is to change from Zenhub to GitHub, team is trialing. Migration as poses some challenges as well (selecting all issues at once?); the use of Projects (vs. Epics). No new channel on Slack, but rather some discussions on #delivery-train channel.

Priorities / Updates

  • iPhone issues: @Matt-Yorkley has fixed it, and did some testing → looking good! :tada:
    It’s it this week’s release so, let’s wait for feedback from instance-managers.

  • @Matt-Yorkley has a PR for the S1 #11310: should we patch the release? Seems @jibees might have fixed it for prod-FR (can ) The shop is closed, so not sure how to verify if it is fixed on prod. We should be able to follow-up on Bugsnag (@dcook will track it). Proposed solution: patch the FR-prod (@dcook and @maikel on it)


Background reports tested and good to go - there are some improvement suggestions, but not a blocker. However, we have previously decided to have NewRelic up and running. Gaetan working on it:


NewRelic going slowly but moving: #11256 adding the gem good to go. After this some setup is needed (some ENV variables and keys, etc), which needs to be done through Ansible (@dcook and @Gaetan will pair up on it :muscle: ).

On vouchers: @konrad did lots of testing on this both on #11117 (looks fixed, some open questions) and #11117 percentage vouchers (meant for second phase)
We might need to add the feature of deactivating


Tax reports - @abdellani @filipefurtado to pair up on it


DFC #10826
Up next: add an OFN specific field, to refer to a Spree product model, from a supply product - which is a custom property. This is a bit experimental, because it has not been done before.

Question/process: best practices…
Last DFC update broke a lot of things… it’s both an exiting and a frustrating work. The main thing: to have a copy of DFC context and rather use that, instead of rather have a URL request. This covers us from unexpected changes :sparkles:

VCR tests cache requests so, our build did not spot this DFC update.


BUU @Mario and @dcook #11059
Working on design and would like to run a sketching session for mobile: no session skills required - anyone can jump in - to be posted in advance.


Invoices: Mohamed and @Rachel to have a catch-up call