Delivery Circle Meeting - 19th July

What’s new?


Priority issues + code review


Works on matomo, and did a PR to move script at the good place.


Priority issues +


Transifex process

@maikel : Slack
Still we need those automatically generated pull requests? Does someone find those PRs useful?
No → we can delete this integration. @maikel will delete the server and update the wiki. Only new instances with new language needs to open a PR when adding new langage.

Small retro around “priority” process

  • jb: it’s positive. Happy to work with Maikel. it seems to be a good idea. Let’s continue on that way
  • Maikel: quite positive too. But completely focused on priority and so didn’t do to code review. Really enjoyed processing things quicker. More involved. Have to relax a little bit as well.

Next issues for the week:

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