Delivery Circle Meeting - 17th October

Quick round of updates this week:

New PR test ready :tada: - Filipe will test it
Not blocked, all good!

Invoices, will update the tests move them to code review, after discussion on order payment_total.
BUU tests

Back from vacation :beach_umbrella: :cheese:
Working on a voucher S2 bug.
No pressure to pick up all S2s on Vouchers, S2s are meant for other devs as well :+1:

@dcook via Slack

  • working on Backoffice UI Uplift.
  • Katuma was down (edit: couldn’t find a reason yet)
  • New Relic notifications are working! Needs refinement though

Heads-up: There should be plenty of minor issues to pick up on BUU! :construction:

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