Delivery Circle Meeting - 17 may



  • tested the paperclip migration PR: :tada:
  • worked on tax and split-checkout S2s - spec
  • tested the recent report changes
  • following up on some open issues on customer tracking in the split-checkout flow


  • Created a pr for the NaN subscription price estimate s2 issue. Will review the comment left by Maikel
  • Working on the duplicate transaction fee now. This bug is a bit difficult to figure out still but making progress


  • Works on split checkout
  • Works on s-4 issue on form product creation form validation error
  • Wants to pick-up frontend papercut


  • reviews, reviews, reviews, …
  • Paperclip/Active storage migration: will fix the configuration on fr-staging
  • Not able to pick up new issue
  • we should really dive into
  • Most of the complex work already done is around that small synchronized time between database and metabase (almost live update). It will be easier to maintain if this time will be increase (and not be so live update).
  • We don’t copy/replicate all data from database to metabase.
  • Metabase is used for supports, analytics, …
  • Metabase is used everyday as a playground, creating SQL queries, … really useful
  • idea: copy/replicate once a week, during release
  • is this current setup overkill that takes a long time to maintain?
  • set a timeout to postgresql end user, to avoid database production overload


  • use the metabase dashboard and reads the production database with that specific user
nz upgrade

Agree with Metabase proposal, as the main purpose at the moment is analytics I would endorse weekly and makes sense to coordinate with release so people can easily remember when it is ‘up-to-date’ and time our data analysis activities around that.

There are some customer support investigation / debugging uses that will be less supported by this, but Aus happy to prioritise reliable weekly over unreliable live sync