Delivery Circle Meeting - 15th march

with @apricot12 , @filipefurtado , @jibees , @maikel , @konrad joined as well.

What’s new?

for @filipefurtado

  • Filipe did nice session with Steven around specs:
    • One topic was around a system spec which is broken. Lots of thing learned, but still unfunctional (but lots of thing learned).
    • Cucumber ( Behavior-Driven-Development): No one already worked with it. Probably a good idea to have acceptance criteria written in the structure of specs. It worth an experiment.

for @apricot12

  • Working on 8997 that should close both 8968 and 8969
  • Some issues around 8841. Probably need some help around that. Will ping product team on that PR comment. @maikel will look at that tomorrow.
  • Spike finished around WYSIWYG editor: 8768. Seems we should go for trix editor.
  • Needs to pick up more issues ; maybe 5368. Will ask the delivery channel for more suggestions.

for @jibees

  • Lots of SplitCheckout PRs done.
  • Still another SplitCheckout issue which is a bit tricky (stripe payments not captured): 8952. Requested help from @Matt-Yorkley
  • Started to work on backoffice ui uplift:
    • follow a small course for stimulusreflex+cableready
    • started a draft pr that include a new page + try to introduce stimulusreflex. Seems to be stuck on that. Maybe need some help from @Matt-Yorkley on that (already ping him on the PR comment). 8996

for @maikel

  • Working on the API. Waiting review from @Matt-Yorkley . Should you go ahead with that pull request? We tent to think we should merge. But will ask for @Rachel / @lin_d_hop / @Kirsten 8891 @apricot12 will review as well.
  • Then, will work on 8967 . Question around address: should the customer address be a separate identity or be part of the user itself? We tent to include it in the customer endpoint, but will ask @Rachel
  • Looks to stripe cards saving spike. Nothing evident. One solution could be testing with VCR and/or puffing-billy.
  • Paperclip upgrade is the next on the list. 6347

for @konrad

  • Did its first PR test :tada:
  • Will try the first release testing on friday :fire: (with the help of @Rachel maybe on monday)

Thanks for the notes JB!

I think we might be better off with turnip, as per this reference:

The Takeaways look appealing :wink:

There are other options but the only maintained ones seem to be Cucumber and Turnip:

Also, as reference, we have this related discussion as well: Seed data [development] [provisioning] [deployment] - #5 by luisramos0

Turnip seems easier to set-up, so I think the initial overhead might be smaller. So, I’d go with that to begin with and see how we can integrate this.
Happy for any other thoughts on this :pray:

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I’m in favor of merging as this is hidden behind a feature toggle for the moment.