Delivery Circle Meeting - 12th July

What’s new?

@Maikel’s proposal about a quicker dev pipe:

  • Have more people working on fewer tasks
  • Could help new/inexperienced users as well
  • Rachel: Never did this, but very curious
  • Lynne: We should give it a try
  • Maikel: Makes changes in someone else’s code easier if it’s a real process
  • Intention is to start with dev and exclude testing for now
  • Specs should be written first, could be done by testing (@filipefurtado) as well
  • To start: pick one priority issue today, then work as before
  • Priorities:
    • New Zealand upgrade (might be blocked until next week), Maikel will prepare a handover to @jibees
    • #9153 split checkout tax issue
    • #8952 is blocking release of split checkout in France (?), doesn’t happen anymore, should not be prioritized - not sure I got this right
  • Label ‘priority’ created
  • Maikel to exlain the new process to George


  • Working on some split checkout issues (#9153)
  • Looking at #9002 Customer unable to access private OC with correct tagging


  • working on API v1, blocked but asking Maikel for support
  • issue around reports
  • take over svg issue


  • Prio 1: New Zealand upgrade - will prepare a handover to JB tomorrow
  • API v1
  • #8912 Adjust backoffice order flow


  • will provide feedback to cillians work


  • no news, no invoicing
  • send a message to say thank you and come back any time

Split checkout

After the main issues are addressed (#9165 and #8952) a new round of production testing will be launched :tada: (probably during the summertime)