Delivery Circle Meeting - 10 May


From @georgethoppil

Was burned out last week from deadlines at work, so wasn’t able to do much. Have a path forward for the first s2 bug and will be looking to have a pr up in a day or two. Will start looking at the other s2 bug after.

George picked some difficult bugs and may need some support. Maybe someone else should pair or take over.

From @apricot12

  • #9122 is pretty much done thanks to input from Maikel Maikel found some issues with it and moved it back to In Dev.
  • #9109 is done

Currently engaged with :

From Cillian

Working on a funded feature with OFN Ireland. Just started with Linking Order Cycles to Shipping & Payment Methods #8971

From @maikel

  • Fixed some issues with the Active Storage migration, waiting for test.
  • Responded to a few ofn-install questions to integrate new instances.
  • Responded to API feedback and created new issues.
  • [API] Customer endpoint improvements to Dev Ready for the next dev to pick up.
  • Let users generate their API key moving to wishlist.
  • Next up: Product API

From @jibees

About seballot’s work

Reports improvement #9032 is currently in testing and very close. We could ask him to work on UI uplift or other tasks.

From @filipefurtado

Invested a lot of time on two bugs around split checkout. One major difference to the legacy checkout is that the split checkout creates a shipment object earlier, on the summary page, and that could break many things.

[Split Checkout] Failed to reach checkout #9131


Metabase is not synching and nobody (except Matt) has knowledge about how it works. It may need some more