Delivery Circle - May 2nd


- Recruitment/Hiring process
Questions: Is the hiring process on its way? Probably budget question. @lin_d_hop do you have any updates?

- DFC import/export

  • We can export/import back of our catalog in the DFC format.
  • Next work: Support more and more fields ; use the DFC connector (that can do a lot of work).
  • Can export to JSON
  • Deadline in a month: author of the connector will be on holidays, @maikel will be responsible. @maikel will have less time to do some code review. @Gaetan will code review more and more.

- @Gaetan will take 3 weeks holidays (:baby: :tada: )



  • Working on vouchers at the moment, probably enough work for the next two weeks.
  • Some tech debt could be tackle on as well.



  • Not blocked on anything.
  • Testing! :rocket: :test_tube:
  • Questions around flaky specs. @filipefurtado can investigate if a spec is flaky or not. [Flaky] and tech-debt label are used to mark issues that describe a flaky spec (and will be fixed by devs)



  • Waiting for testing on background reports.
  • Background reports: some UX could be improved, but probably not the right time (not so nice, but it works, let’s improve later on).
  • Will starts DFC stuff ; some questions will probably popup.
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Re hiring - we are not currently taking on new team members. I have let people know who were mid recruitment process. We need to secure more funding before we can bring in more paid team members. Probably we need to update this info in places. Something for my list