Delivery Circle - December 20th

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Tested some API PRs last week, like #10041. The issues found on API are to be addressed separately - given the PR introduces no regressions, works for the UI. @abdellani will have a look at this once it is reproduced on the dev environment - experiencing some issues with authentication.

Please give a thumbs-up if you feel like joining regular analytics chats.

Not blocked, pleeenty of PRs in Code-Review


Memory leak issue: jemalloc already installed in staging and production; and will not solve it
Working with Ruby’s Garbage Collector, getting and analyzing stats; the report is allocating a lot of memory so we’ll need to re-factor it.

JB an Mohamed agree: Perhaps re-writing “only” the queries will simplify the issue, a full refactor should not be needed. We suspect a main culprit to be Orders and Fulfillments reports.

Working on Tax Reports: perhaps having kick-off @lin_d_hop @abdellani @filipefurtado to keep this work rolling.

Writing reports issues, moving forward.
Feedback on recruitment: nice interview on Gaetan, values aligned. Looks good, let’s see how it works out.

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