Delivery Circle - December 13th



Do we have enough budget? Probably yes. So let’s continue recruitment.

Another round of papercuts, S3s

Go through to all papercuts and s3s, and tag it as ‘good first issue’.


  • Many issues are blocked in code review, because @dcook probably miss time to work on it.
    Could @abdellani work on reports memory leak (instead of David) to unblock things?
  • Releases will continue during 2 next weeks (hollidays)


  • Will work on reports memory leak with that jmaloc librairy. Do we have datadog monitoring on staging? Maybe we should add datadog on staging server. Does Mohammed have access on staging server? @filipefurtado will handle it. :rocket:
  • 10089 Fix Payments with non 3D cards: quick test before moving it into code review!
  • 10135 Deleting shipping method when existing orders. Made a PR, but don’t understand why the price does not update. @jibees will discuss it :duck:
  • 9990 Add producer and product tax to the OCSTs reports: @jibees will re-review it.
  • Why not adding database tables size on datadog? (to follow up the UK not enough disk space issue we had)


  • rspec-rails upgrade: will take a look.
  • activemerchant upgrade: ongoing challenge ; write a test. Won’t pickup now.
  • Progress on analytics. :bar_chart:
  • Want to dedicated more time on VCR and make analytics for SplitCheckout working. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


  • Still blocked on 9804. @dcook will review it as soon as he can.
  • Admin v2/redesign, on its way. :new:
  • Spit checkout new design will start soon! :person_getting_haircut:
  • Backoffice UI uplift has been reviewed by @abdellani but will probably be blocked for the same reason than 9804 (because of that websocket issue)