Delivery Circle - 9th May

Topics for discussion

PRs should be rebased before testing?

It’s helpful to rebase before testing, because some things can break and it needs to go back to dev.
So yes, testers please rebase in general. This means you have to wait 5 mins before testing (but that time can be used to deploy to staging or prepare test cases).
But it may be harder for non-core contributors to understand how to sync their local branch. Perhaps we can document how to do that here:

So if the commits are not very old, then maybe it’s not necessary to rebase.

Welcome back Matt!

Lots of great contributions flooding in.

Do we track time with funded features?

Should we track time against this as part of Product refactor?
To discuss further outside of meeting.

Work updates

Question on if feature toggle can be removed?

  • Lynne: answer is yes, it appears concensus enough.

Thanks Konrad for spotting a bug.
ofn-install build broken. Trying update of dependencies, but still broken.

Invoices in code review (not linked with an issue: need to link it). Not blocked.
Started on Brakeman issue. (prioritised due to security vulnnerability)
Question on customers (manual vs automatically created). Discussion:

Lynne: can’t we just check if they have an order? A: we do, but we also want to list all customers who were manually created.
Maikel: maybe we don’t need to create a customer record if they haven’t made an order yet?
Lynne: we also need to list customers who were manually imported. So it might be necessary to have a field.
Discussion: It could be a state (eg draft/manual/ordered)
Maikel: what about active/inactive. This would pave the way for ‘removing/deleted’ customers.

  • Proposal: Mohamad to work on a solution for that.

Working on vouchers, issues in code review, dev.
Priority is to get flat rate complete through the pipe, prioritised over percentage

  • Team to prioritise code reviews for Flat rate.

Bakground reports a bit frustrating
DFC: unfortunatley we can’t do all of it, but have updated issues to manage scope.
Who can make the decision about what is in MVP for demo? Have asked Garethe on dfc channel.

  • Lynne to create new issue for import (funded feature)

Question about wheter to implement some part within OFN or try to implement it in the DFC connector

Tax report: has bugs to fix, Felipe has contributed spec, David to review and finalise it.
BUU: will be dedicating time towards this.

Lynne: confirming we have multiple funded features and core features on at the moment. It would be great if we can finish off some as a gift for when Rachel gets back :slight_smile:

Ran out of time for testers, we will start with them next week!