Delivery Circle - 8 March 2022

Previous meeting 1 March 2022

Team round


  • Split checkout hopefully all in code review
  • new S2 bug #8965 - oz->g in BOM
  • ok for small PRs to go through with one review given constraints


  • keep on top of code review
  • process thing: when we request changes and things go back to in dev, when it then gets pushed into code review there is no notification, so people need to ping / re-request reviewer
  • #8891 API - I redid the PR that @Matt-Yorkley did and in code review for a couple of weeks. Have had @jibees review, do we need matt as well? Next one is ready but is now blocked by this one . .
  • so now I can either start active storage work, or if @jibees doesn’t finish the S2 #8965 perhaps I can pick it up
    → another option might be #8579 - just spiking to check what that is, yes Maikel can squeeze it in
  • there is a question about how easy to consume jsonapi. We can test this once we have the first API endpoint in production and can see how we go with zapier etc


  • #8768 - still not done, I keep changing it. Just push with the 3 editors
  • #7853 - still working on, I just keep finding new ones, it’s probably not going to be closed for a while. Some of them I’m not really sure if it can be fixed. There was really no consensus on what to do about this - should we split into smaller PRs or just do one giant one of everything that is fixed so far - split into small ones and get them through
  • #8790 - is basically done, just need to push
  • #3774 - stalled, being unassigned
    Now picking up S3 bugs and looking at back-office uplift

Back-off Uplift overview:

  • 3 main issues - create read only; enable actions; enable edit
  • purpose to remove angular while retaining function
  • maybe break-up the in-page edit
  • maybe have auto-save, or maybe will be save in page to limit scope creep


  • #8667 - still working on it
  • have scheduled pair session with rpsec guy that has just rocked up
  • analytics: comparing what we have now and what we want to have in split checkout. Might have found something relating to our very low conversion on fr prod


  • time setting stuff up
  • next release expecting next week
  • can jump onto Test Ready column

First time setup script

  • @apricot12 has tried recently, and something to do with order factory / state - might need attention. Just one specific part of it where the order state is being changed
  • @maikel - if the factories are broken we should have a tech debt issue for that. @apricot12 to create issue


  • Has reduced time due to 2nd job thing. seems potentially a lot, hasn’t pushed code in a couple of weeks
  • Is working on OIDC, then tax report
  • When Product/Variant refactor spike might fit . .
  • If we do the spike before tax report, it has to be actually finished, so that we don’t have just another thing hanging around
  • SO finish OIDC. Then IF you have a clear view of 3 days within 2 weeks that you can just focus on the refactor spike then can do before picking up tax report again. If don’t have capacity to do that, then best just try and get through tax report