Delivery Circle - 5th Sep 2023





  • Focused on DFC, communication/processes/鈥 discussions should happens between teams :link:
  • Last week focused on flaky specs, because GH build was unstable ; now build is also unstable, but that鈥檚 the GH fault :building_construction:
  • New relic: waiting for matt input :mailbox:


  • API changes: how to track API changes? Having a script in the release process that detect any API changes? Version 0 is a lot un-specified, so that鈥檚 could be hard. DFC it鈥檚 simpler, because it is all specified. Record all the request responses? And if any changes, flag that. Next step: a discourse post? Filipe will try to write something about it.:man_technologist:


  • Testing :test_tube:
  • Thanks for working on flaky specs! :pray: