Delivery Circle - 4th July


DFC status:
Can DFC notify us when they make critical changes that would break an integration? (changes to public schema).
Current answer: no…

Last week: how did the push to close off projects go?

  • white label: got released? woohoo! :tada:
  • vouchers: in dev
  • tax reports: hopefully final in code review
  • split checkout: last PR merged, woohoo! :tada:

Welcome @mikel from the Swiss instance!
Have funding for development, I’m going to be around for a while.

Dev Updates

Mainly Backoffice UI Uplift, and a small piece of work.

BUU, preparing new issues.
Need to catch up with Lynne to finalise some details for product links. To arrange a time.

The design styleguide is shaping up: Design styleguide · openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork Wiki · GitHub

What next for Safari 13/14 issue? We will check Matomo data on how big an impact it is.

Matomo: interested to check out a replacement: (github). Sounds promising but let’s try to finish off Datadog replacement first.

Getting onto Invoices.
Question about Enterprise Fees: does it make sense to have a supplier fee that applies to the whole order, even if some line items are from another supplier?

Working on BUU.
Working together on team with JB and Mario going well.

Vouchers payment fees: need to confirm. Lynne has responded.
Otherwise ready for more work.

Papercuts: anyone can pick these up. There’s currently a large one because it’s chosen by 5 instances.

Working on product refactor. Next big PR almost ready.
Matt to write up revised plan for next steps forward.

Matt a bit stalled on Datadog replacement because Sentry isn’t a drop-in replacement. But there are other options.
First: Matt to write up a list of features required.

@Rachel where to start since coming back online?
Perhaps DFC.

@mikel next to just get started developing on the project.
Check out “good first issue” label and Code Review column.
Can post any questions in #dev channel (no question is a bad question, and we’re happy to help!).
Rachel: DFC is a bit of a jump but if interested can help you get up to speed.

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