Delivery Circle - 3rd of October


  • Nicolas is a design contributor: plenty of availability. Which tasks would be suitable? Is there anything from product? Alternative is working on mobile.
    It should feel manageable, and not too time consuming…
    Suggestions: unify error messages on OFN; something to split between testers :ok_hand:
    Other idea: picking up issues requiring design-needed.
  • please shout to testers if help is needed :raised_hands:

Other than that:
BUU - mostly testing the PRs @dcook has pushed through.



  • Created some issues around BUU for Hacktoberfest contributors
  • will ping abdellani for a quick check-in on invoice specs

Updates via #delivery-circle channel:


  • I’ve got some PRs for BUU in progress (Slack)
  • Thanks Maikel for pointing out code reviews. I’ll make sure to prioritise that this week.
  • I spent some time reviewing a recent tech debt PR and found that it might be bigger than we thought… I can’t currently think of a way to proceed without quite a bit of manual testing.


  • Last week was short because of a public holiday on Friday.
  • I made some progress on ofn-install but haven’t gotten to the New Relic part yet.
  • au-prod is monitored by Wormly and New Relic and it has plenty of free memory. I’m planning to activate background reports on Wednesday and see how it goes.
  • DFC? I think they are working on the next releases but I haven’t heard much lately. Last thing I saw was a discussion about the version number of the next release. So I’m waiting for now and prioritising New Relic.
  • Code Review: JB leaving, Gaetan on holiday, where’s Mohamed?, Matt? I think two reviews may be difficult the next two weeks.
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