Delivery Circle - 30th May 2023

The pipe



  • progressing with DFC, waiting for answers from Gareth. need to know the specs before proceeding
  • Update products with DFC Prototype now in test ready, a few more fields added
  • extending DFC connector, now there’s a basic version working
  • background reports needs testing in production (Rachel did it in the past, no one else has picked it up for testing). would be good to get an instance manager to test and generate all reports. first step would be to check if there are any immediate problems (what rachel was doing), then get into users. if it breaks, you don’t get the report. you can also compare the data and the report - very unlikely there would be something wrong there. @Kirsten to coordinate testing with Maikel
  • @Matt-Yorkley to have a look at flaky spec for Show “loading” screen for background reports and display when ready > might be worth waiting for production testing first


  • had a look at first step of product refactor, removing master variants branch, couple of open PRs waiting to get merged
  • will need to do time tracking, since it’s a funded feature - include code review for 10812 and upcoming things to be tracked as product refactor. there’s a spike issue, but no epic assigned yet. 9069 will become the epic
  • Matt to connect existing issues to 9069
  • Matt to dot point the steps to take for product refactor and @lin_d_hop to turn them into issues


  • good progress on white labeling - Allow user to create Custom Tab in Shop Navigation is now ready for testing
  • 3 more issues for white label UX improvements, all small ones. 10902 1 hour, almost no code review, 10901 1 hour, almost no code review, 10903 might be a bit longer 3 to 5 hours - a day in total
  • @lin_d_hop to confirm if extra budget comes in, then JB to progress on the 3 above if confirmed
  • made some cleanup in dev column, old PRs, reassigned some to himself
  • fix some flaky specs, trying to close some of them
  • next step would be backoffice uplift



  • there’s an issue with cart (voucher column), which messes up the calculation
  • it’s in prod with feature toggle, hesitant to release before fixing the calculation (10865)
  • @filipefurtado to group 10855 10857 with previous
  • @Matt-Yorkley to look into it and potentially start to look into an adjustments wiki, and have a session with @Gaetan when he comes back
  • S3 bugs to be looked at next week

Awaiting updates from @abdellani @dcook :pray:

So sorry, you made that nice and clear yesterday.

Last week: didn’t do very much, focussed on other project and getting well.

  • First part setting up for BUU is done (now merged).

This week I will work on Backoffice UI Uplift:
Have met with Mario, JB and Kirsten. We decided to divide between JB and I. I will do: