Delivery Circle - 29th Aug 2023


Rachel can take any invoices and BUU testing


Tax report: need to decide what needs to be done
Multiple options were discussed. The main decision seems to be:

  1. Proceed with persisting additional information in order to acheive the desired report output
  2. Abandon the report

Decided to proceed with #1.

Update: the required data may be in adjustment metadata already.

Terms of Service file: Suggestion is to remove the feature of using an external URL for ToS file. This will allow us to implement a simpler solution.
2 instances are currently using it (NZ and Katuma), but they could be asked to upload file instead. @rachel happy to communicate to instances.


As updated on Slack:

  • The DFC API enterprise endpoint has lots more data now. Some contact fields are not supported by the DFC Connector yet though.
  • Datadog has finally been completely removed from all instances.
  • I had a look at New Relic and it’s looking good. I hope to get not-for-profit status for a better plan so that we can connect more instances to one account without paying.
    • Will apply for the OFN Australia organisation unless anyone suggests anything else.
  • Lots of code review with fixing a few things. It’s looking good now though.
  • Fixed up some production databases that failed with a migration due to invalid data.
  • Fixed some flaky specs.
  • Made the Voucher feature toggle able to be activated by enterprise.
    • still need to document that somewhere
  • Updated the release notes template for more automation.


Working on product editing in backoffice UI uplift.
We haven’t yet got a planned timeframe for release.


Started looking into New Relic. Will need to set up a postgres and infrastructure agent.

  • Need to restrict the data being set. We pay for data. Rails logs are unnecessarily noisy

Maikel: have set up agent on AU with separate account (see in Bitwarden).

Product refactor: to address code review


Adding specs for invoices
Last week spent on documentation & testing
Spotted two large spec files that are a bottleneck for our specs.

Dependency wkhtmltopdf is archived. But this is widely used (eg wikipedia) so may not be an issue for now.


No work on global.
Spike on no-code platforms for an AU project.
Quite interesting, may be able to create small products connected on the side of OFN.

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