Delivery Circle - 28th March

Question: is this issue a papercut, or what do we do with it?
Decision: it seems more than a papercut. So it will move to wishlist for now.

What is the process? If there is funding, or continued need for a feature, we add it to the pipeline. Or if there’s a potential project for a contributor.

Question: are we all good with privacy and security?
Does anyone worry about our data being hacked and bad things happening?

If someone gained and retained access to a server, perhaps they could capture payment details.
System passwords managed in Bitwarden: people have access to many things, we don’t have a log of usage. Maybe we could tighten up access controls. But this could be hard to manage, and costly.

@abdellani maybe there could be a checklist to review: will let us know.

There is also a closed channel slack channel for security, but it’s unclear who/how many should be in it.

3 new screens being added: Vouchers, White-label and Backoffice UI Uplift. Should these be done with the new colours?

@Mario : First pass should be ready soon and relatively simple to implement. Just a few colours changed.
Question: Who will see these changes? Should it be behind feature toggle and which groups to see it?

Second pass: a more robust colour system will be developed, moving forward.

To work through one component one at a time, eg table component design with new colours.
How will this apply to projects in progress?
Further discussion needed.

Server upgrades will be necessary soon as the current OS is starting to block dependency updates, but we won’t have time to discuss today.

Around the board

@Gaetan is working on vouchers.

@maikel working on background reports. First step for processing with Sidekiq is done. This needs to be merged and tested in production before he can start on next steps.
DFC: blocked waiting for DFC.

@abdellani fixed API and other bug, ready for review.
Also checked webpacker alternatives. We are pretty confident about the way forward.
Also working on Invoices. Hoping to focus more this week.

Getting into Gitbook to start documenting API bits
Managed to do cost of produce in the new tax report, without having to change reports framework, yay!
Also improvements for a contributor’s PR.
Need to assign self to issue/PRs working.
Kirsten asks would it help to have a more meaty task assigned? Yes, but no suggestions right now, to consider this next week.

@rachel discussing issue#10624. How do we finish the link between shipping and product cateogries.

Split checkout: all core instances will have it activated next week. If no issues we can remove legacy checkout!

@filipefurtado working on report files test.
matomo funnelling checkouts.


@lynne We are on Rails 7! :tada:

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