Delivery Circle - 27 June 2023

Discussion topics

Deployment v4.4

Two instances missing, see also:

Tuesday midday ~14:00 UTC:

Global sweep :broom:

10 things in play :scream:
Proposal is to focus this week on these 4 main tasks:

Almost done:

Other issues:

Individual updates


  • Loving the weekly meetings with @mario and @dcook :muscle: BUU should be merged (behind feature-toggle) not to lag too much behind master
  • code review, bumping dependencies
  • maybe picking up papercuts


  • working on vouchers (should be done soon)
  • code review
  • happy to work on my backend things


  • Working on the list of issues created around invoices - thanks for creating those issues @konrad :pray:
  • tax report should be closed soon (specs pending)

DFC / API stuff coming up, so:

  • would be good to get more people around DFC (@maikel ok vacation next week)

Papercuts column to be updated soon.


  • documenting Stripe setup and and investigating activemerchant bump issue with Stripe
  • specs for enterprise fee report (producer)
  • re-testing Matomo

Cleaning up the In Dev column :broom:

General tidy-up of the in dev column done, with the few minutes left