Delivery Circle - 26th September 2023

No discussion topics for today, so loose check-in around the board:

@Mario :swimming_man:
Mainly working for another project, no updates.
Opening BUU work to anyone is interested, to give opportunity to learn on those issues around Stimulus. Maybe an onboarding session is needed with @dcook.
Parallelizing work has been challenging, as having several branches simultaneously often leads to merge conflicts.

Fixed S2 bugs on vouchers
Question: how much are confident on automated testing on vouchers? Pretty confident! Perhaps some edge cases are not covered, but we’ll see. Kudos to Gaetan for this effort :muscle:

Testing the new customer report #11185
Progressed on SQL :muscle:
Waiting for further issues to test on the Test Ready column.


Worked on invoice testing (slow progress), splitting specs to speed up the build. Picking up Stripe related issues again.


As per delivery circle channel:

  • We can use the DFC API to create variants of an existing product.
  • I wanted to add the New Relic agent installation to ofn-install but needed some time for my setup first. And it would be good to fix the ofn-install CI build first. So I haven’t gotten to any New Relic code yet.
  • Our New Relic account still doesn’t have its plan set. I think that I will have to get in touch with support.
  • I fixed a flaky spec which revealed a now fixed tiny bug in the new invoice generation.


As per delivery circle channel:

  • progress on BUU. Expecting another PR ready this week.

Heads up:

  • it’s Hacktoberfest time again!! Let’s only write up good and clear issues so contributors can have a smooth experience, as the more recent issues are usually those picked up. We can use the Wishlist repo if we need to have drafts, and then moved the to the main repo.
  • As JB is leaving :smiling_face_with_tear: we have an open call for any dev who wishes to join papercut team, on the monthly meetings.
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