Delivery Circle - 25 July 2023

Discussion topic



  • finished a papercut
  • picked up a couple of S3
  • and new relic


  • Tested/testing invoices feature. Missing translations blocks automatic testing.


  • Testing vouchers. Can become pretty complex. Some issues around transaction/payment fees?
  • Hope to dive on background reports today (blocked by setting up newrelic)



(not attempting the meeting, reporting notes from slack)

  • We discussed some points on strategy for bulk updates. I’ve concluded that we shouldn’t use the API for the admin backend interface, because it has differences that will always make it harder (not easier to maintain).
  • So I’ve proceeded with building a form for bulk saving with a single action.
  • Although I think I have some reservations about using StimulusReflex (as opposed to maybe Hotwired Turbo/Frames) I think it’s worth giving a go.


(not attempting the meeting, reporting notes from slack)

  • mobile optimisation survey will be closed today - 25 responses and some good insights. Will set up a ideation / sketching session with anyone that’s interested in participating in bringing some ideas on what to build for mobile - can be any discipline
  • links to products designs are finalised - issue will need to be created and then kicked off
  • working on new issues for BUU - have a prototype for [BUU] Change the columns to be shown in my catalogue, will also get [BUU] Change the order of products in my catalogue ready for dev
  • I am going to be on leave from the 9th of August to the 16th, back on the 17th, preparing as many BUU issues as possible before that, and it would be ideal to kick off product links a few days before that

Next priorities

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