Delivery Circle - 23th May

Open discussion :heart: :people_hugging:

Heartfelt chat around how are we’re feeling about our way of working
Remote working, being (almost) full-time behind the screen and our stack.

Some thoughts:

  • downgrading hours is an option (to allow to take other tasks other than screen-staring ones)
  • other places on OFN to engage on such conversations: heart-channel, coffee-chat-channel

The pipe


  • Working on the last issue of the while label feature → priority label added. This should not be on the upcoming release; hopefully on the next one
  • Soon working on adding Trix editor - first time on OFN codebase
  • PR to fix Order total = 0 → as draft, needs review/feedback




  • Ping-pong with customer support on tracking split-checkout. Described here, but opening an issue on the main repo, @Matt-Yorkley keen on investigating this
  • Tracking pagination on /products page, as discussed here and here.
  • Flaky-specs: a bit overwhelming, quite a lot come in per week, so they pile up. Options: i) leave as is, at least we’re aware what’s flaky and what’s not ii) bring back the retry: option, with a reduced value (perhaps 2 retries suffice to catch real flaky ones and not temporary issues only). Budged constrains signaled here: we expect tech-debt to pile-up in times of budget scarcity.
  • Testers should not use the funded features label created when testing such issues; testing time is included in the estimations as non-dev time (like product, design); funded features label on Clockify is therefore meant for development and review time only. Ping @konrad
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Got it. :+1:t2:
Do I need to change my tracking of the past?