Delivery Circle - 22th August 2023

Team Updates


Blocker on enterprise fee report - error 500 on testing, root cause here.

  • it’s “easy” to deal with the error 500
  • however, the report will be providing the wrong values, if there are enterprise fees which are removed from the order cycle
  • pinging @lin_d_hop

Blocked and awaiting feedback.

Working on #10675 / #11396


@jibees and @dcook fixed some issues, plenty of other cards open → it’s all moving and going well

testers feedback required: are issues well documented for manual testing? Sometimes PRs too big, otherwise good. When questions arise, do reach out to @Mario :raised_hands:


Improvements on deployment process - merged yesterday, so let’s see this week how it goes (this will mostly impact production).
New relic: currently on AU-production, let’s see how it goes.


Not blocked; PR #11206 to be tested by @filipefurtado


Catching up after :beach_umbrella: . Updating documentation release preparation and testing and working on test for invoices.

@maikel (via delivery-circle channel)

  • I reviewed New Relic, looks good, we should apply for a non-profit account. Datadog Replacement - Roll out New Relic #10997
  • The new release is drafted and needs testing by Rachel. Still working out the smoothest staging and release path. Release v4.4.8 #11422
  • I tried adding an OFN custom attribute to a DFC model and it didn’t break the DFC prototype. That’s good news. We can go down the path when needed. Add custom OFN product id to DFC SuppliedProduct #11378
  • Gaetan and I had a chat with Garethe about missing DFC ontology parts missing from the DFC connector and general processes. Looks like things will become better but we are still waiting for the DFC team to implement. Add required enterprise fields to DFC API #11397
  • I helped resolve some code quality issues and extend spec coverage. For example: Fix Rails and Style Autocorrect Rubocop Errors #11418
  • Kirsten and I had a chat with Zach from He works on Verifiable Credentials along the supply chain. It could be useful to integrate one day, fits well with DFC, but it’s not solving an immediate problem of ours.
  • I spent half a day on Fair Food instead of OFN last week. This week should be mostly on OFN again though.

@dcook (via delivery-circle channel)

  • Have a PR for BUU ready for second review
  • No blockers for the next part of BUU, plan to do that this week
  • Keeping across the release process; commented about updating the docs but haven’t yet sorry
  • I will try to do the foundation-sites patch upgrade this week.
  • Also todo: add a rubocop rule or two.